Valentines Day Look For Any Date (+30 Date Ideas)

Valentines Day Look For Any Date (+30 Date Ideas)

The 14th of February is just a few days away. No matter if you plan on having a romantic dinner, going out for drinks, or just having a casual coffee date during the day, a little bit of makeup can really put a more special vibe to it. Makeup does have the power to accentuate the face lines and parts that are your stronger side and to cover any flaws and imperfections. And a pop of color to the cheeks, eyes, and lips is always welcome. 

Without browsing through the tons of video makeup tutorials on the net, we at W Cosmetics have prepared a list of 3 Valentine's Day makeup looks that you can easily flaunt. Take a look and get inspired to do some easy makeup art yourself. 

Bold and strong

If you are planning on having Valentine's date as a night out at a club or some cocktail bar, then, you can easily go with some bolder and stronger makeup look. The place and occasion allow for more accentuated and dominant makeup. So, without going over the top and still playing in the lines of elegant and stylish, focus on the lips and the cheeks. You can never go wrong with a bold red lip. Try   Savage Liquid lipstick with the matching liner for a fabulous effect.  As for the cheeks, generously apply the Hustle & Glow highlighter. You can add a bit to the top of the lips for a more luminizing appearance.

Soft and Pretty

The cute and flirty makeup looks never go out of style especially if you are going out for a brunch or touring the city. For these kinds of dates, the focus here should definitely be on the lips and lashes for the most seductive and captivating look. With our dual lash mascara you can achieve both texture and definition. This mascara is a two in one to give you exactly what you are looking for. Your lashes will immediately look longer and more voluminous. If you are looking for your lashes to look more wispy, you have that option as well. For the rest of the makeup, we suggest going with Uptown Girl Liquid Lipstick for a soft pink lip. As for the skin, go with a neutral foundation, and a bit of pinkish highlighter that will make your cheeks pop. 


No Makeup-Makeup Look

The thing with this makeup look is to present a “no-make” makeup look, and captivate with the natural appearance. So, you will need to focus on the entire face, but, make it toned down. For the eyes, go with the Brown retractable pencil liner, which will present quite a natural look and enhance the eyes. For luscious and plumping lips, start with the Toast Velvet Lip Liner in rich caramel brown shade. Finish up with the Glass lip gloss for ultimate shine and gloss. This look goes great with wine tasting or going on an adventurous date.

Find the best look that will suit your date and enjoy Valentine’s Day with your significant other, friends, or just spending some well needed self care time.


Need Some Ideas? Here’s 30 Valentines Day ideas to enjoy this weekend.

  1. Go Stargazing
  2. Make a relationship/ friendship scrapbook
  3. Cook together
  4. Wine tasting
  5. Have a romantic movie night
  6. Send your partner on a treasure hunt
  7. Take a trip
  8. Give each other a massage
  9. Knock something off of your bucket list
  10. Take a class together
  11. Go to a comedy club
  12. Cuddle around the fire
  13. Take a cocktail class
  14. Go on a take-out tour
  15. Go on a local historical tour
  16. Go skating
  17. Have a picnic
  18. Volunteer
  19. Go to a spoken word night
  20. Take a pottery class
  21. Take a cooking class
  22. Take salsa dance lessons
  23. Plan a trip
  24. Go candle making
  25. Go to a karaoke night
  26. Go on a spa date
  27. Go on a bike ride
  28. Go to an Escape room
  29. Book a hotel stay for a new environment
  30. Join a workout class

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