Discover your signature makeup look with these 7 quick tips

Women love makeup and that is an unbreakable bond. As the prime and main target base of consumers, the makeup industry has constantly been changing, adapting, and improving towards the needs and demands of its customers as well as the market needs. 

Each new season brings a set of new trends that are expected to dominate the makeup department in that selected time. The makeup junkies and those who are closely following the trends are keeping up with them, trying out the trends they like, and feel closer to them. However, there are those who are in the search of trying out something new. 

Just like fashion and style, the makeup looks can also become a display of your true personality. The makeup is an additional way of making us look more beautiful and attractive, as well as a helping hand in hiding certain flaws that we do not want to be seen or so accentuated. That is why every woman should find a makeup style that will suit her best and easily become a signature makeup style.

What is a signature makeup look?

A signature makeup look is a look that feels close to you, that you can easily practice, and fits your personality and individuality. As makeup is a part of the art world, it should be recognized as an artistic way to present a more beautiful, fresher, and appealing face. In other words, the signature look can be a technique, a product, or a way that you apply makeup, with a final look that will be significant to you, your individuality, and a look you will be recognized by. There are different kinds of examples of signature looks like red lipstick, black eyeliner, dewy skin, etc. 

How to discover your signature look?

As makeup is constantly changing, improving, and evolving, it is in our nature thing to look for something new and try out something fresh. Your signature look can be hard to find and achieve. Back when we were teenagers, we would explore different makeup products and makeup looks and follow the trends to the core. However, as we become more style-aware and focused on the chic and elegant looks, the makeup look starts to evolve and you can then see for yourself what are the looks and the makeup products that you really need and love. 

For those of you who are struggling to find your signature makeup look, here are 7 useful tips that will help you determine your taste:

Determine your best facial feature

    Do you know what your best facial feature is? What is that you are most proud of and like on your face? When you determine that, it will give you direction on where to focus with your makeup. Do you have big, popping eyes, seductive cheekbones, or luscious lips that you want to accent? Whatever your best feature is, let it be the center of your makeup choices and give it the most attention. 

    Recreate the look that you always choose

      There are many different makeup styles and looks that come from each one of them but there is certainly one that always catches your eye and you simply love it. If you know which is the one that you regularly come back to, then, you are one step closer to your signature makeup look. Recreating it as a way of inspiration will get you to nailing your signature makeup look. 

      There are no limits

      Although we are speaking about a signature makeup style, there can easily be two types that you like. So instead of one, you can have 2 looks, to go back and forth, maybe use them as a day and night option. 

      Always consider the eye and the hair color

      When going for a signature makeup look, you cannot forget to take into consideration the color your hair and eyes. There are simply some colors that do not go well and will not compliment you the best. Although there are no rules in makeup it is always best to go with the colors that will be the most flattering to you. 

      Pay attention to the compliments

      Different types of compliments can deliver a different message. So, pay attention whether you are complimented when wearing a special lipstick shade, or some eyeliner, or even the color of your blush. You may not notice it at first, but you will certainly see it after some time. 

      What are the colors that attract you?

      Are there specific colors and shades that you are attracted to? There are some that you can adore, but they do not look the most flattering. When it comes to a signature makeup look, it is all about finding the right shade and formula. Different makeup techniques might get you to the desired color or look, you just have to be patient and give it a try! 

      Your signature look should change and evolve with time

      As the trends in the makeup industry change, your signature look also should change with them. If you stick to one look and approach, it might become outdated as time goes by. You should keep your style but upgrade it, in terms of introducing some new products and makeup techniques. 

      With these 7 tips, you will easily find out what your signature look is or can be. And when you discover that, W Cosmetics is the place to find your signature makeup products that will best fit your personality, style, and complexion. Be bold and open with your choices, accept your flaws, and accentuate your virtues, and the makeup look will only follow! 

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