2020 was definitely a year where all of our lipsticks did not see the light of the day. And there really was no possibility of that. With the constant presence of the face masks that were inevitable in preventing the spreading of the pandemic, the only visible thing was the eyes. For that matter, all those of you who did not use the lipstick we bet you used lots of mascara. 

The New Year brings new trends. With the desire and the wish for everything to get back to normal, the makeup and beauty trends are already getting a head start. If the past year taught us anything, that is the chance to be unique, experiment, and try out different styles and looks. The same applies with makeup as well. The new trends in 2021 suggest keeping up with the experimenting and trying out new looks. 

We at W Cosmetics are big supporters of novelties, trends, and trying out new looks. We believe that makeup is that artistic tool that helps each individual to find out their true creative self, play, and explore colors as well as  try different makeup styles. In those terms, here is a quick guide that will introduce all the biggest makeup trends that you can expect to see in 2021 and of course, the list of our W Cosmetics products that will help in nailing the best looks.


Smoldering Eyeliner

As the eyeliners and the mascaras were the only types of makeup that was seen in 2020, the makeup critics suggest that 2021 will start in the same direction. This year, the accent will be putting on the smoldering eye looks that are expected to dominate the trends. The best possible look is to go with a classic, wet-lined liner that gives both definition and shine. The lines here are clean, and you can simply never go wrong with the winged cat eyeliner look. They come in all different colors and all are in style. We suggest you try out the classic black RETRACTABLE PENCIL EYELINER.

Colored Mascara

Since the effects of the pandemic will be felt for quite some time, and that makes the face mask still a present item, mascara is the second trendiest product that will still dominate the makeup looks in 2021. With the focus on the eyes, the new 2021 trends bring the mascara in different colors. A new technique that was introduced involving the application of the mascara is applying one coat of some bright color, and then adding a stroke of a black or brown – layering of the colors. If the bright colors of the mascara are just too much for you, just stock up on the DUAL LASH MASCARA. 


Stained Lipstick

Although the lipsticks might not be quite ready to make a comeback, the online and zoom meetings are the safe place to try out the new trend of stained lipstick. Choose a lipstick in some bold and strong color like MOGUL LIP STAIN. Apply several coats, and between each application blot it in. This is an excellent way to make the color more dominant and fixated. Also, it will help the lipstick stay on the lips instead of going all over your face every time you need to put a mask on.


Fresh Skin

The fresh, clean, and glowing skin will never go out of style. Keeping to the real and true look of the skin, and adding a pop of shine is just what the trend is about. It supports the regular skincare and beauty routine as well as the extra moisture you might need during the winter days. Besides the healthy approach that the skin will be grateful for, you can always add a bit of highlighter for additional glow and radiance. Just put a bit of GLOW-GETTER on the cheeks and the temples and you will instantly see that fabulous radiance. 


Vibrant Lids

When it comes to the colors and eyeshadows, 2021 suggests wearing strong and vibrant colors on the eyelids. The new trend inspires creativity and the use of the colors of the rainbow to create something bold, extraordinary, and pretty unique. Color blocking is one great option to do so. It can easily be done by choosing some liquid eyeshadow that is full of shine and glow. 


Classic Red Lipstick

Although it might not come as a surprise, the classic red lipstick in the most popular lipstick shade for 2021. it is a color that suits all skin tones and colors. It has the power to make any face look fresher, livelier, and happier. The pop of color gives the lips volume and definition. The classic red shade, that comes in the form of the liquid lipstick SAVAGE, is a great option that will serve you great thorough the entire year. 


Statement Eyebrows

Putting the additional accent on the eyes comes from the trend of the accented eyebrows. They come in the look of bleached eyebrows, colorful eyebrows, or goth eyebrows. Everything is allowed which leaves a lot of space for experimenting. This does not have to be an everyday look, but certainly can be a choice for some event when you want to make a trendy appearance. 

These are some of the trendiest makeup looks that will be everywhere in 2021. No matter what the New Year brings, these makeup trends are pretty easy to flaunt and follow. Whether the social distancing will remain in effect or everything will get back to normal, these makeup trends will help you be prepared for what is coming. Now is the right time to stock up on some colorful lipsticks, eyeliners, and mascara, and be prepared. Makeup is an art and your face is the canvas.

Head to W Cosmetics and enjoy makeup shopping!

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