How To Find The Right Lip Color For Your Skintone

How To Find The Right Lip Color For Your Skintone

Using the right color of lipstick can go a long way. Desirable, seductive, and luscious lips are the dream of every woman. With the abundance of colors that there are today, the makeup and beauty industry has gone long way since the past times where there was only one option – red lipstick. Luckily for all the lipstick lovers out there, the market is full of the most different and unique colors that can truly make one look and appearance feel fresh, beautiful, and different.


To cater to all the women who love to add a pop of color, as well as stimulate and support empowerment and boldness W Cosmetics creates and offers the most unique selection of colors and lipstick that will certainly make each woman feel, more beautiful, stronger, and confident.

However, to get the most of your lipstick, it must suit and go well with your skin tone. It is the best and only way that you will achieve the desired look. Here is a quick overview of which lip colors to choose according to your skin tone:


Fair skin tone

Women with a fair skin tone have usually have naturally light hair color and light eye color, and their skin tone is pale and fair. To add a pop of color, the best lip color shades that will add life and vibrancy to the look are reds and corals. Our suggestions are the Morocco Matte Lipstain and Savage Liquid Lipstick.


Medium skin tone

The medium skin tone are characterized by a more tan and warm tone, that comes darker than the light skin tone, with brown, dark brown, and similar hair colors and brown or green eye color. The best lip shades that suit women of this skin tone are vibrant pinks, browns, and nudes, such as 5 A.M, Top Notch, and Coffee and Cream.


Deep skin tone

The dark skin tone is particularly interesting for the lip industry because it allows strong and vibrant colors to make dominance and complement the intense richness of the eyes. The shades that excellently flaunt the dark skin tone are deep plums, chocolate browns, intense reds, and magenta. The W Cosmetics Lipsticks that you can try are Cabernet, Headliner, and Loyalty.


These are the three main skin tones that are the most common but there are many shades in between. No matter your complexion you can definitely find a color that works for you. However, the color and the shade preference comes solely from the person wearing it. With these and so many other color options, W Cosmetics offers a variety of shades that will most definitely make you look bolder, stronger, and more empowered.

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