How To Know If Your Makeup Has Expired

Your rummaging around your makeup bag trying to find your favorite lipstick and as your searching you find your old favorite lip liner “OMG I forgot I had this!” you think to yourself! But exactly how long have you had that liner in your bag??? Is it even still good? Contrary to popular belief, makeup can expire. Not every product have the same expiration date but you should always be cautious of when products go bad, especially if it is something going on your face! After all who really wants to apply icky products. Not only is it harmful to your body because of the amount of bacteria and infections that it may carry but it also doesn’t allow the product to live up to its full potential. 

First Things First!

 Check the PAO

All products should have this little symbol on the box. This symbol is known as the PAO aka “Period After Opening.” The M stands for the months that the product is still good after you open the product (Not after you purchase the product). If the product box does not have one of these, I would be leery on purchasing the product and may look for something else.


Mascara is a tricky product because you cannot see through the tube and the dark moist content is a high breeding ground for bacteria that can cause many infections. Your eyelashes can also carry many germs from the day. On average mascara can last from about three to four months before it is time to get a new one. Two ways that are obvious to tell if the mascara has gone bad is by smell or if it has dried out. If the product has dried out DO NOT add a solution in the mascara tube to loosen it up. Just throw it away and get a fresh new one. If you would like to maximize the amount of time that you can keep your mascara, when trying to get as much product on the wand…. Do not pump the mascara wand in and out of the tube. By doing that it pumps air into the tube making it dry out faster. Instead try swirling it inside the tube to pick up more product.


 Foundation and Concealers

Changes in the texture and smell of the formula are great signs of telling if the product has expired or is close to its expiration date. Most foundations and concealers can last up to a year, especially if they are water based. For formulas that are oil based can usually last up to eighteen months. Products that come with a pump usually lasts the longest because it is not being exposed to air and bacteria.

Powder Products

Powder products such as eyeshadow, blush, and face powder usually lasts the longest out of all of your makeup. Because they are dry they are not ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and infections. Powder products will have longer shelf life than any liquid product. The best way to tell if they have gone bad is if they have began to switch colors or if they begin to develop a film on top. Film can develop from your face oils latching on to the the brush or sponge and you dipping it into your powder. If this happens it’s time to get rid of it and get a new one!

Lipstick and Lip Pencils

Lip products usually last a long time (up to 2 years). Because many of them are packed with oils and some with parabens to keep them fresh for a long time. One way to keep them fresh for a good amount of time, is every so often giving the lipstick or liner a good wipe down with some alcohol. Alcohol will kill off any bacteria that may be attached to the product. When it comes to pencils, you can sharpen off the first layer of product to expose the new fresh layer . 

Ways of keeping products fresh longer

Keep them in cool areas away from the sun and moist areas (refrigerator is best)

Do not try to revive a dry product that has already gone bad or separated

Make sure to be sanitary and clean your brushes at least once a week. More if possible.

If you have the option to, purchase products that come with a pump 

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